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· 2 min read
Scott Horn

Over the 2022 december holiday period I decided to learn some more about mason and dynamic code generation with build_runner. These tools seemed like a great way to experiment with how to solve a challenge I am facing as a weekend warrior developer. So much boiler plate!

For most of 2022 I have been exploring how to do meaningful test-driven development (TDD) and have progressed nicely, but find I can't get that far on a Saturday/Sunday and need to recover ground.

As a developer dating back to cold fusion and grails - I sensed there was an opportunity to bootstrap a lot of this work and also help others learn how to unit test CRUD (create, read, update and delete) actions in a a simple application.

The result?

  1. scaffolding, scaffolding_test, scaffolding_home, scaffolding_home_test
  2. scaffolding package

I now have 4 mason bricks and my first dart/flutter package and a tonne of documentation to hopefully keep this moving and encourage other to contribute or learn from this work.

As I return to my exec role during the week, I also hope to remind my team that we are always makers :)